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Middlesex County is home to several rivers, creeks and ponds that are great for reeling in a Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, Rainbow Trout or even Pickerel. 

sign for fresh trout on roof of farm

Komoka Spring Trout Farm

9803 Glendon Drive
Komoka, ON
Lower River

The Ausable River

The Ausable River is one of the most biologically diverse river basins in Canada. The river supports insect communities of caddis flies, mayflies and stoneflies, all of which makes a great meal for Trout enjoy. Brown Trout are the most abundant of all trout in the Ausable and range in size from 9 - 18 inches. Other species include Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, and Steelheads.

The Ausable River is great for both the fly and spin and bait fisherman. Some sections are designated 'catch and release waters' but, as always, the challenge lies in finding and bringing in the fish. It is important to note that the farmlands and many other lands on the riverbanks lie in private hands and that to fish there without permission is to trespass.

canoe on sydenham river

The Sydenham River

The Sydenham River is the only major watershed which lies completely in the Carolinian Life Zone and is relatively undisturbed by industrial development, making this river a biological treasure. The Sydenham River supports at least 82 species of fish, including Walleye, White Bass, Northern Pike, and Brown, Brook and Rainbow trout.

thames river at sunset

The Thames River

The Thames River has approximately 94 species of fish mainly due to the fact that it provides a range of habitats, favorable climate, nutrient-rich waters and a connection with the Great Lakes. The Thames River is relatively wide that is slow moving, deep with infrequent fast flowing shallow sections that many fish such as Walleye, White Bass and Small Mouth Bass prefer.

Trout Haven Park

24749 Park Street
Strathroy, ON
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