Places to Eat

pammas family at back alley burrito

Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two, a quick bite on the run, or a feast to take home to the entire family, Middlesex County offers a variety of savory options for you to choose from.


Pub style food is a County favourite and the options our licensed establishments offer is sure to satisfy all your drink and foodie taste buds. Filled with flavour and always satisfactory, try out the variety of locations across Middlesex County and prepare to be delighted.


Whether you are hosting a lunch meeting, intimate dinner, or full course wedding, Middlesex County boasts amazing catering options that will delight any palette and pocketbook.

Quick Eats

Whether it's hungry kids, late to work, or a long road trip, you need a solution and fast! Pizza, burgers, sandwiches, you name it. Stop by one of our quick eats restaurants for an on-the-go fix that’ll keep everyone happy!


Prepare to have your tastebuds tempted!  Middlesex County is home to some of the finest chefs around.  Take time out to enjoy a meal at one of these full-service establishments for a great experience that will be sure to have you planning your next visit.

Sweet Treats

There is nothing better than indulging on a sweet tooth craving and the County’s diverse array of treats and delectable baked goods is sure to make choosing the hardest part. Whether your weakness is luscious soft serve ice cream, warm home-made baked goods, or candy and chocolate for your little ones, satisfy everyone’s cravings at these amazing locations!