Sweet Treats

family getting ice cream

There is nothing better than indulging on a sweet tooth craving and the County’s diverse array of treats and delectable baked goods is sure to make choosing the hardest part. Whether your weakness is luscious soft serve ice cream, warm home-made baked goods, or candy and chocolate for your little ones, satisfy everyone’s cravings at these amazing locations!

Brain Freeze

We serve over 20 flavours of thick, creamy milkshakes, ice cream, gelato and more!

Cookie Bar

We love cookies, beer and the outdoors. We have been dreaming for years how to make this into something we can share with our community.

Cool Cucumber

Delicious ice cream served with a smile! Stop in at this unique, historic spot for a sweet treat!

Hamilton's Bakery

Since 1946 Hamilton's Bakery have been creating traditional and unique baked goods, the old-fashioned way. We bake fresh goods, on the premises daily using the finest ingredients and family recipes.

Hollandia Bakeries Ltd

Hollandia Bakeries is a large Dutch-based cookie manufacturer located in Mt. Brydges, Ontario. We produce a portfolio of soft and hard cookie varieties.

Kahuna's Kones

We serve ice cream made locally. 20 -22 featured flavours every week, including dairy free options.

Lickity Split

Ice cream and frozen treats served with a smile in a fun and energetic atmosphere.